The Secret to Living a Fuller Life

Whether or not your WhatsApp status says it, we know you are ‘busy’. All. The. Time. No one thought it was possible, but ‘busy’ has come to be the new ‘cool’. Commitments at work, relationships, Sharma ji ka beta — there is no dearth of things keeping you on your toes.

Unfortunately, this leaves you with very little time for yourself. Being ambitious and working towards your dreams is great. However, pushing yourself just to label yourself as ‘busy’ is not okay. Staring into a screen while you crave sleep will only make you the designated Office Zombie, not successful.

Real productivity comes when you keep your health in mind. We are here to tell you how to do just that! Read on:

Eat right, live right

Okay, no prizes to anyone for guessing but the easiest and the best route to a better life is via the mouth. No, we don’t suggest censoring your occasionally-mean self to be sweeter (though that wouldn’t be so bad). We mean eating the right mix of healthy, nutrient-dense superfoods to keep you going.

Now, now, don’t you dismiss this as boring or difficult. The foods we are talking about are probably on your favourites already. The best part — they require no pesky preparation! All you need to do is remember to eat, and which human being would say no to that?

  1. The name is Chocolate. Dark Chocolate.

This hunky and mysterious cousin of milk chocolate has always played hard-to-get. It certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea, but boy is it a treat. Dark Chocolate doesn’t just bring that signature chocolate flavour, but also a host of health benefits!

    • Dark Chocolate is an excellent source of soluble fibre and can keep your mineral-requirement in check, with its high quantities of iron, magnesium, copper, among others.
    • It is also extremely rich in antioxidants.
    • Chocolate contains flavonoids that are known to be superb mood-uplifter!

PS: Don’t go overboard, Dark Chocolate is best consumed in moderation.


  1. Where is the popcorn?

Here is another excuse to have more movie nights! You didn’t expect this one, did you? As it turns out, popcorn is also a healthy snack in more ways than one.

    • Popcorn is naturally low in fat and calories. Lay off the butter, and you will have the perfect snack for weight management.
    • It helps regulate blood sugar levels. Thus, it is great for diabetics.
    • Since it is a whole grain, it is rich in fibre and helps with digestion.

  1. Jaggery of joy

Gur naal-o ishq mitha? (Love is sweeter than jaggery?) Yeah, don’t think so. Jaggery is the ultimate guilt-free treat for those with a sweet tooth. It is good for the tastebuds AND the body! Love can wait.

    • Abundant in antioxidants and minerals, jaggery helps boost immunity.
    • City residents, rejoice! Jaggery naturally cleanses your pollution-affected body.
    • Stay energetic for longer with this superfood, since it is a complex carbohydrate.

Have you tried Akiva’s ready-to-eat jaggery candies yet?

  1. Good Ol’ ghee

Thank your roots for all the sanskaar, Bollywood and most of all, for the healthiest food!  Ghee or clarified butter is our OG(hee) desi superfood.

    • When trying to manage weight, ghee is the best substitute for refined oil and butter. It is a great source of essential, good fats.
    • It is loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K.
    • Ghee also helps with heart health, skin care and more!

And of course, ghee is also very versatile. It belongs on chapatis, in savoury curries and in desserts too! Akiva’s Original, Garlic & Herbs and Vanilla Ghee(s) are perfect for all your favourite meals.

Organise, Prioritise


Now that you know what to eat, let us get to what you should do. No matter how many things and people are demanding your time, stick to a schedule. Commitments can wait; your mental well-being cannot.

Get creative and chalk out to-do lists to help you stay focused on important tasks. Your daily goals should consist of achievable targets, not plans of world domination. It will all happen in its own time. The other secret to a wholesome life is knowing your priorities. Of course, ‘you’ should be Priority #1.

Work it

A proper diet and completed checklist is a job half-done until it’s paired with exercise. Working out is an absolute essential when it comes to living well. Whether it is a breezy stroll in the park or a full hour of aerobics, find a workout that makes you happy, and make time for it.

Exercising isn’t just an investment to improve your daily functioning, but a promise of health for your future. We are all getting old, and we could all use the stabilised moods and the fit body that comes with exercise.

Stick to self-care

Taking a few days off is no crime. Remember to cut-off from the world whenever it gets overwhelming. After all, you can only go on if you recharge. Make room for activities you love and try to keep negativity at bay.

‘Netflix and chill’ or ‘face-mask and feast’ — you know what you enjoy doing. Reward yourself with it now and then to steer clear of a burnout!

At Akiva, we believe in treating your body right. Our shots, candies and ghee are designed to give your body generous helpings of care. While you take care of everything else, we have got your back in the superfoods department. There, you are all set! Now, quit staring at your screen and get that much-deserved healthy snack or a sweet, sweet nap.